What do we support?

Our goal is to fund  initiatives that will help women and girls throughout Sydney who are facing tough times. In the first round during 2017-18 the Sydney Women's Giving Circle selected three projects with grants distributed during 2018 to further the word of: 

Enterprising Women, a project run by the Sylvanvale Foundation -

Building on the artistic and wellbeing outcomes currently being achieved through Sylvanvale’s programs, Enterprising Women aims to help 20 women with a disability establish an income generating cooperative.

The women will learn how to cost their product and scale production, make their business sustainable, access distribution channels and activate go-to-market strategies. Making products weekly at the Garden House site in Sutherland, NSW, the women will create handmade soaps, concrete pots, hand-potted succulents and bird feeders.    

A gift of

  • $50 covers craft materials for one week 
  • $100 can teach one woman to operate a market stall 
  • $500 will upskill a class on creating a sustainable business​

During 2018 the work of Enterprising Women was supported by a grant from the SWGC.  Find out more about Enterprising Women here

Bump Up, a project run by Raise Foundation -

Bump Up is a structured mentoring program combined with small business project training for young pregnant and parenting girls aged under 23. Empowering them to break the cycle of disadvantage and flourish as individuals and responsible parents.

The young Mums are given the support of a volunteer mentor, often a more experienced Mum to set and achieve goals towards further education and/or employment. They also have the guidance of a qualified Program Counsellor, with strong experience working with vulnerable youth.

The young Mums are challenged to work as a group to identify, develop and launch a product or service as a business.  The combination of mentoring, social and emotional support from mentors and a positive peer group empowers the Young Mums to consider self-employment as a viable option for their future.

A gift of

  • $250 will provide babysitting for a Young Mum for the whole year (Childcare is a significant barrier to entry for Young Mums engaging in education or work). 
  • $330 will provide 15 hours of TAFE Accredited training to a volunteer mentor so they can be a positive neutral role model for these vulnerable young Mums. 
  • $790 will provide a full TAFE workshop for our 10-12 Young Mums including the professional supervision of a qualified Program Counsellor​.

The Sydney Women's Giving Circle (SWGC) provides a practical way for a group of supporters to pool their giving and help women and girls throughout Sydney who are facing tough times.  Each year we will select a group of projects that make a difference to the lives and future of women and girls in Sydney who are facing tough times.  

Donations are tax deductible, to learn more about the giving circle and the projects it funds please visit www.sydneywomensgivingcircle.com.au

The Sydney Women's Giving Circle was founded by journalist Catherine Fox and corporate communications executive Julia Quinn.  SWGC is a sub-fund of Sydney Community Foundation’s Sydney Women’s Fund. Sydney Community Foundation is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient.

During 2018 the work of Bump Up was supported by a grant from the SWGC. To find out more about Raise Foundation and the Bump Up initiative visit here

Supporting Our Sisters, a project run by Shakti International-

Western Sydney has a high immigrant population where at least 37% of residents are born outside of Australia.  Many ethnic women in these areas are disadvantaged by isolation - particularly due to domestic violence.

Supporting Our Sisters  is hoping to reach women and mothers to increase participation, engagement and integration into the Australian society.

Employing a Specialist Women’s Advocate to reach out with culturally-sensitive services to care for Asian, African and Middle Eastern women, and their children, who are victims of domestic violence and/or cultural sanctioned abuse in Sydney.

A gift of

  • $100 can connect an at risk woman and her children to essential services. 
  • $500 supplies all stationary for client management. 
  • $1000 secures a laptop and software for Shakti to manage clients.​

Supporting Our Sisters was funded in 2018, to find out more about their work visits here

The Sydney Women's Giving Circle is a sub-fund of Sydney Community Foundation’s Sydney Women’s Fund. Sydney Community Foundation is a registered Deductible Gift Recipient. 

Contact us: info@sydneywomensgivingcircle.com.au

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